Domain Names

You can use your own domain name in REACH. To do so will require editing your DNS records with your domain name registrar and creating a CNAME to point to your REACH site.

Here are some example CNAMEs: to point to to point to to point to

*Where “” is your own domain name and “point to” is the unique SSL CNAME created in your REACH Account.

Here’s how:

  • Create a CNAME in your REACH Account by going to Settings > Domain Names
  • In the Hostname field, enter in the CNAME information you want to use
    (example CNAME from above would be
  • Click on Add Domain Name
  • Your Domain Name will load with with the Validated column set to “No” and a unique SSL CNAME value – copy the SSL CNAME value

  • Create a CNAME with your Domain Name Registrar (GoDaddy, Google Domains, 1and1, etc.) pointing to the SSL Value created in your REACH account.
  • Wait for the new CNAME to populate, this usually takes a few minutes but may take up to a day
  • Be sure your new CNAME is working by going to the newly created CNAME domain name, your REACH Portal should load
  • Go back to your REACH Account – Settings > Domain Names
  • Once you have confirmed your CNAME is working and your Validated Column has updated to “Yes”, click on the Make Primary button

Note: CNAME stands for Canonical Name and can be used to alias one name to another. When creating a CNAME, you cannot use the A record to point to your REACH site, you must use a CNAME. For example, if your domain name is, you can use the name of to create the CNAME. You cannot create a CNAME using just

The record you create should look similar to:

  • Type: CNAME
  • Name:
  • Value:
  • TTL: the default value

*Where the is your domain name and Value is the SSL CNAME set up in your REACH Admin under Domain Names.

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