Data Categories

REACH provides the ability for organizations to group items within areas of the database into separate Data Categories, for ease of lookup and classification.

Data Categories can be utilized in several areas such as Products, Messages and Tasks.

For Products, data categories might be used to group your organization’s products and donation suggestions for your end of year Gift Catalog. The organizational product category could include branded items like t-shirts, mugs and hats and the Gift Catalog category could include a bible, desk, computer tablet and medical clinic equipment that are set up as Products for suggested donations.

For Messages, data categories might be used to separate your blog posts from other updates posted on your site.

For Tasks, data categories might group follow-up tasks into phone calls, emails, thank you cards, etc.

A list of all Data Categories created will be shown in Settings > Data Categories. The list includes the Group, Permalink, the Type and the number of associated records.

Available Actions include the ability to View Records, edit the Data Category and Delete.

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