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Send alerts to your supporters who use your organization’s Donor Mobile App using Push Notifications.

Note: This feature is only available to REACH clients who have set up the Donor Mobile App for their organization. You can learn more about the Donor Mobile App, its associated fees and sign up here.

You can send notifications to all your supporters, to those sponsoring sponsorships, projects, campaigns, events and more. This feature is available for both iPhone and Android phones.

Note: Supporters will have to opt-in to enable push notifications for your mobile app on their phones to receive your notifications.

Sending Push Notifications

Push Notifications are sent directly from within the Admin Console.

Here’s how:

  • Go to Communication > Push Notifications
  • Click on + New Push Notification
  • Select the recipients of your notification
  • Add a Title to your notification
  • Select the time for when you want your notification to be sent. 
    • Note: The notification will not be sent exactly at the time you selected but around that time.
  • Type in Body the message you want to send to your supporters
  • Click on Send to send your notification
    • Note: You can edit or delete your notification before it is sent

In this example, we have sent a Push Notification to: All Supporters, with the Title of Recent News. the Message (Body) is: Check out our most Recent News!

Here is how the Push Notification will be displayed for Mobile App users on their mobile device: 

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