Customizing Contribution Statements

REACH offers a Contribution Statement Report that will let you email your supporters, those with an email address on file, an attached PDF statement, as well as mail a copy to those without email.

Note: We recommend you resolve any duplicate records prior to generating your contribution statements.

If you are a Canada-based organization, please see the article on Canadian Contribution Statements.

Contribution Statements (Watch Full Video):

First Select Your Template

To begin to customize your Contribution Statement Template, you will first need to select a Contribution Statement from your Mail Merge templates:

  • Go to Settings > Mail Merge Templates
  • In Example Templates, find Contribution Statement Templates and click Copy
  • This will move the template(s) from the Example Templates section to the Mail Merge Templates section, allowing you to customize the Contribution Statement Templates for your use.

We provide two Contribution Statement Templates to help get you started: Contribution Statement – Version 1.0 and Contribution Statement – Version 2.0. Both versions will use the logo you have saved under Settings > Portal Design. We suggest you click Copy next to both and then preview each option.

To preview the Contribution Statement Templates:

  • Go to a Supporter record (be sure the supporter chosen has a donation history)
  • Click Actions > Contribution Statement
  • Select a Date Range and then click the Select Template dropdown to choose a Contribution Statement Template
  • Click Submit

Repeat the above process to preview the various templates.

Both templates will download to your computer. Review and choose the template you’d like to use for your organization.

Note: We do suggest you go back and delete the other copy by going to Settings > Mail Merge Templates and clicking Delete next to the Contribution Statement Template you will not be using. This helps to minimize confusion and reduce errors when using contribution statements.

Then Customize Your Template

In your Mail Merge Templates, click on Edit next to Contribution Statement Template you decided to use.

Select your Setup options:

  • Rename your template
    • Important: In order for REACH to recognize the template as a Contribution Statement in your Export areas and Supporter records, the name of the template must start with Contribution Statement.
    • For example: the name Contribution Statement – End of Year is acceptable; however, the name End of Year – Contribution Statement will not work.
  • Choose Use For as Donations – this will determine where you can access the template for a mail merge
  • Select Grant Supporter Access
  • Modify your page settings if desired – select document type, margins, etc.
  • Click Save Changes

Add additional page Content:

  • Add any paragraph wording and insert any desired account information, donation or supporter fields.
  • View our Liquid Object article for more information on the fields available.
  • Be sure to click on Save Changes.

Add any Footer Content:

  • Add information to include at the bottom of your template.
  • Organizations commonly add their 501c3 information here.
  • Click on Save Changes

Unique Statement ID:

Contribution Statements include a unique Statement ID number in sequential order. If your Contribution Statement Template does not include a unique Statement ID, please contact our Support team. This is most likely due to you using an older template created prior to December 2020.

You are able to set the starting point for your unique Statement ID numbers. Organizations commonly revise this yearly in order for each Contribution Statement ID generated in the calendar year to begin with the year.

To set the start of your unique Statement ID numbers:

  • Go to Settings > Donation Setup > Contribution Statement tab
  • Type in the current year as the starting ID. For example, statements for 2022 could start as 2022001.
  • Click Save Changes.

If your organization is based in Canada and you need to comply with CRA regulations, please see our Donation Setup article.

Now, you are ready to use your template when Sending Your Contribution Statements.


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