If you would like to email all of your supporters, or perhaps groups of supporters connected to certain Projects, Campaigns, Sponsorships, etc., you can do that using the E-Mailing Module.

The main E-Mailings page will list all emails sent out from your organizations REACH account, the Recipients, Send date and if Sent. The list is default ordered by date, but can be re-ordered by clicking the column headers.

Note: The Emailings module uses the Emailings Template by default. You can customize this template by going to Settings > Emailings Templates. Keep in mind that any changes made to the Emailings Template will reflect on all emails sent from the Emailings module.

To send an email to your supporters:

  • Go to Communications > E-Mailings.
  • Click the green + New Mailing button.  
  • Next to Purpose, select the group of recipients you would like the email to go to. The purpose you select from the dropdown list will determine who receives the email – any supporter with a donation attached to that purpose.
    • Note: By selecting All Supporters, the email will be sent to any Primary email address on file for your supporters who do not have their Contact Options set to No.
  • If there are additional recipients that need to receive the email and are not within the grouping you selected, type those in the Recipients box.
  • If you would like to use a custom template you have already created, or if you would like to create a template from the the email you are creating, select that from the Template dropdown.
  • Create your message, using any images, videos, or fields as needed.
  • You can test your email by typing your own email address in the Recipients box and not selecting a Purpose group

You can also send an email directly to an individual supporter from their supporter profile page. 

REACH also has system-generated emails that go to supporters for specific activities and supporter engagement. See the article on Email Templates for a list and description of those system emails.

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