REACH System Emails

REACH automatically sends a number of system emails to supporters, depending on the specific activity. This is an overview of the system emails sent by REACH. 

About System Emails

  • System emails are sent to the supporter’s Primary email address only.
  • Recurring donors automatically receive a donation receipt at the time of each recurring transaction. These are considered transactional emails.  A supporter will receive transactional emails regardless of their personal Contact Preference settings.
    • Note: An organization can choose to disable recurring donation emails after the first is processed successfully. (This option is in Settings > Account Rules > Recurring Donations.) However, this will effect recurring donation email notifications for all supporters.
  • Supporters can opt-out of non-transactional emails (ex: Daily Supporter Update) from within their Donor Portal > My Profile > Update Profile > Contact Options > Contact by Email > No Thanks).
  • If requested, Admins can also modify a supporter’s contact options from within their Supporter profile.

System Emails

There are a number of emails that are automatically sent from the REACH system to supporters for the following activities. For organizations on the Essentials, Pro, and Pro Plus plans, these templates are customizable and can be found by going to Settings > Email Templates > System Templates section.

Note: If this is your first time viewing the System Emails, you may need to click on the red Generate Email Templates button for your templates to appear.

Here is an overview of each System Template including when they are sent to supporters:

  • Campaign Funded – sent to supporter when their peer to peer campaign is fully funded
  • Conversation Update – sent when there is a reply/update to a conversation initiated by a supporter
  • Daily Supporter Update – reports on any information updated in the system, such as messages, albums, etc. tied to sponsorships, projects, and places the supporter donates towards and sends if an update has been made.
    • Note: This update email is turned off by default. You can turn it on by going to Settings > Account Rules and updating the checkbox for Enable Supporter Daily Digest Email
  • Default Supporter Email – used for multiple notifications such as Yearly Recurring donation reminder, Cancelled Recurring Donation by admin or supporter, or Credit Card Expiration if selected
  • Emailings Template – used by default in the Emails module
    • Any customizations made to this email template will reflect on all emails sent from the Emails Module. 
  • Failed Recurring Donation – sent when a recurring transaction payment fails
  • Honoree Note – sent to a Honoree email address if provided by the supporter giving a donation 
  • New Batch Donation – sent when an admin creates a batch donation for a supporter (Admin must select “Send email receipt”)
  • New Donation – sent when a supporter or admin creates a donation (Admin must select “Send email receipt”)
  • New Campaign – sent when a supporter creates a new campaign (Admin must select “Send email receipt”)
  • New Sponsorship – sent when a supporter or admin creates a new recurring donation to a sponsorship (Admin must select “Send email receipt”)

*NOTE: The Default Supporter Email Template is used for several emails from your REACH account.  When making edits or additions to the Default Email Template, make sure the information added is appropriate for all use cases.  The {{ message }} tag is required in the template and will list the message the email is being used for, i.e. Password Update, Cancelled Sponsorship, etc.  

Email Template Editor

To learn how to edit your email templates, please view our Email Template Editor article

Custom Templates

Organizations can create additional Custom Templates that can be scheduled and sent from REACH to supporters (available when using the REACH Essentials, Pro or Pro Plus plans). 

You can create these Custom Templates by going to Settings > Email Templates > + New Template.

Any Custom Templates created will be shown under the Custom Templates section which is shown below System Templates. 

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