Blocked Emails

REACH automatically stops sending notification emails to accounts after five bounce backs.

REACH logs each time a bounce back is received. After five bounce backs, the email account will be flagged and will no longer receive emails from the REACH system.

If you or a Supporter are not receiving emails from REACH, you can login to your Admin Console to check to see if the email has been blocked by REACH.

If it has, a notification will be posted on your Admin dashboard if an email address has been blocked. The Admin or Supporter record that has been blocked will be highlighted in red

To fix this issue, you will need to contact our Support team and reference the email account that has been blocked.

Note: Commonly, this occurs when Admins or Supporters have set up out of office replies. REACH may flag these as bounce backs and then remove your email if it is receiving an out of office reply for each email sent.

To keep this from happening and to fix this issue:

Update your Out of Office reply settings:

  • Set your out of office reply to respond to each email address only one time
  • Set your out of office reply to ignore the email address used for REACH notifications:

Turn off your REACH notifications while traveling. To do so:

  • Go to Settings > Admin Users
  • Click Edit next to your Admin name
  • Change Admin Email Setting to Never
  • Click the Notifications tab and uncheck all boxes
  • Click Save Changes

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