Not Receiving Text Messages

If a Supporter is not receiving text messages from REACH, this could be due to their mobile number being blocked by our texting system.

Notice: When a user opts out of a phone number that belongs to a Messaging Service, the user is also opted out to receiving all messages sent from that particular Messaging Service.

This most commonly occurs when a Supporter has replied to a system text with any of these keywords:

  • STOP
  • END
  • QUIT

When this occurs, any text messages to this Supporter will not be sent.

Suggestions for your Supporters

  1. Verify the phone number is accurate in the system. This is an obvious one to check, but worth noting, as it’s a common mistake. Is it a mobile number and not a landline? Is the mobile number correct?
  2. Suggest they text START or YES to your text to number. In order to successfully resend text messages to such Supporters, supporters must opt back in to your text messages by texting your number with the keyword of START or YES. We recommend this regardless of if the Supporter replied directly to your number to stop the texts, as these could have been stopped for a variety of reasons. You can confirm your organization’s texting phone number by going to Settings > Text to Give.
  3. If the supporter is an iPhone user, have them go into their phone Settings > Messages > Message Filtering to verify they are not Filtering Unknown Senders. iPhones include an option to sort messages from people who are not in your contacts into a separate list. If this option is toggled, texts from your organization can get filtered out.

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