Too Many Emails

REACH sends several different notification emails to the Account email, so organizations are aware of any time the system sends an email to one of their Supporters.

For transparency purposes, these emails cannot be turned off. We want organizations to have a history of all emails sent by REACH to their Supporters.

The Account email is blind copied for emails sent to a Supporter for a new sponsorship sign up, new donation and failed donation. The email address on file for your account in Account Settings > Details is the email address that is blind copied.

Here are our recommendations:

Use a generic email address as your general Account Email – You can change the general email address used for your organization by going to Settings > Account Settings. To learn more, visit our Account Settings article.

Review which transactional emails admins are receiving. To do so:

  • Go to Settings > Admin User > Notifications tab
  • Review your frequency options in the Admin Email Setting dropdown menu > we recommend selecting Daily or None
  • From the Notifications list, choose which notifications to receive
  • Click Save Changes
  • Note: To learn more, visit our Admin Users article


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