Login Assistance

REACH includes two different login pages – one for Admins and one for Supporters. They look very much the same.

Oftentimes, when an Admin is having trouble logging into their account, they are typically attempting to login on the Supporter page.

Here’s how to check:

The Admin login page will be similar to: https://organizationname.reachapp.co/admins/sign_in

The Supporter login page will be similar to: https://organizationname.reachapp.co/users/sign_in

If you are still having trouble, click on the Forgot Password link to reset your password.

Admins within your organization can the update the password for you, if necessary. This requires that the Admin has Permissions set to access Admin Users to manage administrators and permissions. If so, then they can go to Settings > Admin Users > Edit Admin and Update the Password. Be sure to click on Save Changes once updated.

If you are still unable to access your account, please contact our Support team.

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