Reports Not Completing

REACH offers several Reporting options for its partner organizations.

Our development team monitors all reporting use and consistently makes updates based on usage that will best meet the needs of our partners.

Should you have a problem generating a larger amount of data in a report, we recommend the following:

  • Generally speaking, if you see the progress spinning after a few hours of time, the reports you are trying to generate might be too large. In this case, the reports will need to be re-run and can still show as processing for up to 7 days.
  • Processing or failed reports will not prevent other reports from completing.
  • If you continue to have a problem generating a large report, we recommend running smaller reports for your data. For example, instead of trying to obtain a year’s worth of data, generate your report in batches of 6 months.
  • Consider selecting a fewer number of columns to display of your data. When generating your reports, you can adjust your columns by clicking on the Select Columns to Display button.
  • We also provide a Data Export feature. This option will export your data into an Excel spreadsheet that you can then filter and sort as needed. Here is a list of our Available Exports.
    • Note: Depending upon the amount of data, a data export may download in multiple spreadsheets.

If you need further assistance after trying these steps, please contact us.

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