The Media area include a list of all media files stored in your REACH account.

Media can be uploaded in this area and then pulled in to various areas within REACH by clicking on Select Image from Media.

Common areas for Media include on a supporter record, sponsorship record, when creating an email or text message, when creating Messages, adding images or header photos to Projects, Places or Campaigns, adding a Product, etc., as in the example below.

Media can include a variety of file types. Common types are jpg, png, pdf, doc, txt.

To add Media files in Portal Content:

  • Click on + Add More Files
  • Drop files into the box or click on the box to upload files
  • Click Done

To add Media files from another area, as in the example below:

  • Locate and click the Add Media button
  • Drag and drop files or click the box to upload from computer
  • The images will be added to all Media, and will display what the Media was attached to

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