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In REACH, Mail Merge Templates can be used to create a number of documents including custom donation receipts, contribution statements, sponsorship cards and flyers, address labels and more.

We’ve created several example Mail Merge Templates based on what is commonly used. These can be copied and customized to your preferences or you can create your own templates to use.

To create and/or customize your Mail Merge Templates:

  • Go to Settings > Mail Merge Templates
  • Review the template examples included by clicking on the template name or by clicking Edit
  • Or, to create your own, click on +New Template
  • You can review the Setup and Margins, the Content and the Footer Content
  • Note: For Page Setup, if you choose to use multiple Records Per Page, you will need to use a loop in the template design. We suggest copying an Example Template to get started.

An example loop would be:

{% for donation in donations %}

<your template code>

{% endfor %}

  • Click Insert Field to add information about your sponsorships, donations, account or supporters.
  • Note: To review the fields available and the specifics of what they return, view our Liquid Objects article.
  • Note: The information will be auto-generated when the Mail Merge is created.

After you have created your templates, you can go to a Donation, Supporter or Sponsorship record and use the Generate Mail Merge button. Once generated, you can then print or attach as a PDF to an email as needed. Here is an example of the Past Due Sponsorship mail merge option from a Sponsorship-Supporter record:

Mail Merge is also available in Reports. Run your report as desired, select your choices from the report results and click the Generate Mail Merge button to generate a PDF of your results.

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