Updating Payment Information

If you need to update a Supporter’s payment information, you can do so if your Admin User Permissions are set to manage Supporter records.  

If the Supporter already has payment information on file:

  • In the Supporter module locate the Supporter
  • Click Actions then Update Payment Information

Or you can:

  • From the Supporter record
  • Click the pencil icon in the Supporter profile
  • Select Update Payment Information

From the Payment Details page you can either select Update Current Payment Details to change the Expiration Date or you can enter a new payment method and select whether it is to be used for all scheduled payments.

To change payment information for just one recurring donation or sponsorship:

  • From the Supporter record, select the Donations tab and find the Recurring Donation needed
  • From the Actions button select View Details
  • Where you see the payment method listed, click the button to Update Payment Details
    • Note: If there are two methods listed and you click Apply Supporter’s Default Account on File, the payment information for those recurring donations will update to use the current Payment Method on File for the supporter. This can not be undone, the original payment information for the recurring donation will be deleted and can not be accessed. 
  • On the following page:
    • click Update Current Payment Details to change the Expiration Date only,
    • OR, scroll down to Enter New Payment Details
  • If entering a new payment method:
    • Select whether to make this the Default Payment Method for the supporter’s account, to be used for all future donations and sponsorships
    • Select whether to make this the payment method for all other current Recurring donations as well
  • Click Submit when finished


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