Weekly Summary

The REACH Weekly Summary is a weekly snapshot of donor activity for your account. 

It is emailed, each Monday, to the main email address used for your REACH account, and to any Admins in your account set to receive it in their Admin User settings. 

The Weekly Summary includes:

A Revenue Overview 

Note: Projected Totals are based on recurring donations.

  • Totals, MTD, Project Month, YTD, Projected Year
  • By Channel, Campaigns, Sponsorships, Projects, Places
  • Previous 12 Months 
  • A link to generate a Donation Details Report

Sponsorships Overview

  • Total Current Sponsorship Supporters, how many active sponsorship supporter relationships you have
  • New Sponsorship Supporters(Last Week), how many new sponsorship supporter relationships you had within the last week
  • Cancelled Sponsorship Supporters(Last Week), how many sponsorship supporter relationships were cancelled within the last week
  • A link to generate a Sponsors Report

Parent Campaigns

  • Campaign Title
  • Current Amount received
  • Goal Amount
  • % Complete, raised
  • A link to the Campaigns index

Top Donors Last Week

  • Donor’s Name
  • Email Address
  • Amount Donated Last Week
  • Amount Donated MTD
  • Amount Donated YTD
  • A link to generate a Top Donors Report

Receiving the Weekly Summary

To receive the email, you can go to Settings > Admin Users > Edit the Admin > Notifications tab and check the box next to Weekly Summary

Weekly Summary Example 

How to Generate In Reports

Revenue Section (Reports > Donation Details Report)


  • Use the Quick date range field of This Month to Date and This Year to Date 
  • The Projected Month and Projected Year is a calculated average. 

By Channel

  • Use the Purpose field to generate a report based on your Campaigns, Sponsorships, Projects and Places. 
  • The Campaign item, Sponsorship type and Sponsorship item, Project item and Place items fields can be used to select specific ones. 

Previous 12 Months 

  • Set the Date range field to the previous 12 months, using a Start Date and End Date
    • Note: Depending on number of donations to your organization, a 12-month donation report may not be possible due to its large size, the report may need to be generated by quarter or by month.

Sponsorships Section (Reports > Sponsors Report)

  • Total Current Sponsorship Supporters, use the Payment Status field and select Active to show ongoing current and past due sponsorship supporters. 
  • New Sponsorship Supporters(Last Week), use the Quick date range of Last Week to pull new sponsorship supporters from last week only.
  • Cancelled Sponsorship Supporters(Last Week), use the Quick date range of Last Week and the Payment Status field of Cancelled to pull cancelled sponsorship supporters from last week only.

Parent Campaigns Section (Reports > Campaigns)

  • This information is all shown on the Campaigns index view.

Top Donors Section (Reports > Top Donors Report)

  • Use the Quick Date range of Last Week, This Month to Date and This Year to Date
  • Set a Tax Deductible, Amount, or Total Amount minimum and/or maximum, and Limit number to view a list of the donors who have given within that range

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