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REACH offers Text Messaging as an element of the Text To Give fundraising setup. To send messages, you must first set up Text to Give for your account in order to have a phone number.

Using REACH, you can send texts to individual supporters or text blasts to a group of supporters. If you are using Text to Give as part of your donation process, donation texts are automated through REACH.

Text messages are limited based on your REACH plan level. Each plan level is allotted a certain amount of text messages per month. Any texts sent over that amount are billed per text and charged on your next monthly invoice. Unused texts do not roll over to the next month. View more details on our REACH Pricing page.

Note: Text to Give is included with your REACH account, regardless of plan level, for all US-based nonprofits only. Texts sent in the Text to Give process are excluded from the allotted text message count.

Important Notes

  • If a Supporter has more than one phone number listed on their account, and both are recognized as mobile numbers, a text message will go out to both numbers, regardless of if they are marked as Primary.
  • Custom replies to supporters are not available. The following preset text replies are sent based on the text and cannot be edited:
    • If you have a Supporter that is no longer receiving text messages from REACH, please view our Blocked Text Messages article.
    • If a supporter texts a keyword that you have set up under Settings > Text to Give > Manage Keywords tab (example GIVE) to your number, they will receive the response: “Please text an amount you would like to donate to {donation purpose, ex: General Donation.}”
    • If a supporter texts a number (example 50) and they have a payment method on file, they will receive the response: “Would you like to donate $50.00 using {type of card, ex: Visa} ending in {last four, ex: 1111}? Yes/No”. With a Yes reply, they will receive the response: “Thank you for your donation! A receipt has been emailed to {email address}. Reply STOP to opt out of texts. This number is not monitored for responses.”
    • With a No reply, they will receive the response: “Thanks for texting {name of organization}. We hope you donate another time.”
    • If a supporter replies to one of your texts or texts an invalid keyword, they will receive the response: “The keyword was not found. Please try again or complete this one-time form to donate. Reply STOP to opt out of texts. This number is not monitored for responses.” and include a link to the one-time form.

Text Fees and Allotment

Here’s a chart that shows the amount of text messages allotted per REACH plan level.

Plan LevelIncluded # of Text Messages
Pro Plus2,000
  • The remaining texts are billed at $0.03 per text on your monthly invoice.
  • Texts sent in the Text to Give process are excluded.

Billing: Text Fees

Your invoices include any additional text message fees incurred. You can view your text count by going to Settings > Account Settings and viewing the Billing tab

Important Note: REACH only counts texts that we are assured by our text messing service were delivered successfully.

Under the Billing tab, you will see a Text Fees section that details how many free texts you receive per month based on your plan level, how much each text above that number costs and the number of texts you have sent this month. Unused texts do not roll over to the next month.

Below is an example of how the Text Fees are shown on a Pro Plan Level account that includes 2,000 free texts per month.

In this example, the account has gone over their allotted amount of 2,000 free texts and are now at 3,432 texts. As indicated, the overage of 1,432 texts are charged at $0.03 for a total additional cost of $42.96. This amount will continue to accrue until the invoice is processed. The next invoice date is shown as 02/03/23.

Reminder: To benefit from more allotted texts, you can change your plan level at any time by going to the Details tab, selected a different plan next to the Plan dropdown menu and clicking Save Changes.

Send a text message to an individual supporter

You can also send a text message directly to an individual supporter from their supporter profile page. This gives you another way to increase and maintain contact with your supporters.

To send a text to an individual supporter:

  • Go to the Supporter record,
  • Click on Actions > Text, if Text is available
    • Note: The Supporter must have a mobile number on file that receives text messages for the text option to be available.
  • Type in a title and add your message
  • Add any image or video file as needed
  • Click Send – the message will be sent at that time to all mobile numbers listed for the supporter

Note: Text messaging from REACH is for send purposes only, text messages cannot be received from supporters.

Here is an example of how the Text Message will come through to the supporter.

Send a text blast to a group of supporters

Text Blasting is where you can initiate and send a text message out to multiple supporters directly from your Admin Console. If given the opportunity, supporters can then submit a secure donation via text message. 

  • From your Admin Console, click Communication > Text Messages. Then, click on the +New Text Message button to begin the process. 
  • Add an internal title for your text blast and choose a Purpose (the group/subgroup of donors that the message will go to) from the drop down list. For example, if you choose Group as your Purpose, you can then select any of the groups you have already set up. The recipients will be any donors in that group.
  • Choose a date and time you want the text delivered.
  • Add your text in the Body
    • Text Blasting allows a max of 1575 characters in each message.
    • A required opt-out message that reads “Reply STOP to opt out” is automatically included with each text message sent out but is not included in the 1575 character max. 
  • Click Add Files to include an image or video
  • Click Send. The text will go to the supporters with a mobile number on file

Note: If you want to test your Text Messages prior to sending, we recommending setting up a Supporter Group named Test Group that includes your mobile number, and any other admin’s mobile numbers you wish to send the test text message to. Then, recreate the Text Message (Communication > Text Messages), choose Send To: Group; Group: Test Group.

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