Setup Checklist

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with our Support Information and Admin Console Navigation, let’s get your setup started.

Note: If you are wanting to test out REACH using a few records at first, refer to our Trying out REACH article. This article will guide you through adding a few key records at a time to test out your personalized configuration of REACH before starting to add in all of your data.

We’ve created this Setup Checklist to help guide you through the full preparation and launch of your new REACH account.

Please Note: The printable can be used to check off items as you complete them. Please refer to the section below for direct links to articles in our Knowledge Base that provide more detail and instruction on how to complete each item.

General Setup

Online Donations Setup

Portal Setup

Prepare for Sponsorships

Sponsorships and Supporters

Import Your Records

(If you have been using another system to manage sponsorships and supporters)

Prepare for Communications

Review Available Features

Prepare to Launch

Onboard Your Supporters

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