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Welcome to REACH!

If you have recently signed up for an account and are looking for some help to get set up, this 1-hour Webinar is for you.

We provide helpful tips for setting up your REACH account including account settings, customization options and inputting your data.

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Note: If you’re looking for something specific, you can easily search the transcript included while watching.

Here’s what we covered:

Basic vs. Full Donor Management (2:30)
Where to Find Assistance (3:20)
Upcoming Trainings (4:30)
Commonly Used Terminology in REACH (8:00)
Useful Tips about Navigating and Learning REACH (10:00)
General Account Setup (13:15)
Donation Settings (18:15)
Portal Setup (23:30)
Site Integrations (32:00)
System Communications (33:20)
Setup and Testing (36:30)
Importing your Sponsorships and Supporters (49:10)
Preparing to Launch (54:45)
Additional Features (56:00)

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We also offer New Admin Orientations, register here.

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