Sponsorships Checklist

We have compiled a list of items for your organization to consider prior to building out your sponsorship program in REACH. We hope you find this list helpful, regardless of whether you are creating a new sponsorship program or moving your current sponsorship program into REACH.

Pre-determining your preferences as an organization for each of these items should greatly help to simplify your setup process. 

Note: Click on the headings for more information.

Sponsorship Custom Fields

  • What demographic and personal information (custom fields) do you want to capture per sponsorship? (ex: Grade, Favorite Activity, Favorite Color, Favorite Subject)
  • Note: Age is automatically included and displayed using the sponsorship’s date of birth. You do not need to create a custom field for age.
  • What custom fields do you want shown to Admins only? (ex: Vaccination status)
  • What custom fields do you want shown to Sponsors only? (ex: Report Card)

Sponsorship Types

  • Shares: Do you want to break down the monthly cost of a sponsorship into shares to allow multiple supporters to sponsor? 
  • Cost per Share: If you do break down the monthly cost, how much does each sponsorship share cost?
  • Share Types: Do you want to further sub-divide your sponsorship shares into share types? (ex: Healthcare, Education, Nutrition)

Sponsorship Images

  • Do you have a sponsorship image per sponsorship? (preferred square size of 900px x 900px and under 3MB in size)
  • If not, do you have a placeholder image ready for your sponsorships without a photo?
  • Do you have multiple images per sponsorship?
  • Do you want to put any privacy and security options in place for your sponsorships images? Sponsorship Albums can be set to be viewable by sponsors only once logged in (Settings > Portal Setup > Sponsorship Tab).

Naming Sponsorships

  • When naming each sponsorship, consider the privacy concerns of the countries you are working in. Do you need to hide the sponsorship’s name from the public view?
    • Note: The sponsorship’s permalink used in REACH will be derived from the title.   
  • Have you saved your sponsorship images to match the sponsorship’s title?
    • For example, if using the sponsorship’s name, the images file names should be firstname-lastname to help match the sponsorship’s photo with the sponsorship’s record in REACH.

Previous Sponsorship System

  • Do you want to include an External Reference ID from a previous system?
    • Note: This is a system included field available on imports, you do not need to create a Custom Field for this information. 

Classifying Sponsorships

Family Unit Grouping

  • Do you want to link sponsorships into family units? (Link siblings and/or households?)
  • Do you want to provide sponsors the ability to sponsor an entire family unit?

Sponsorship Filters

  • Will you want to mark certain sponsorships as Biggest Need?
  • What filters do you want included when a potential sponsor searches for a sponsorship?
    • Note: Status, Type, Place, Age are included. Additional options are Biggest Need, Project, Month, Day, Gender, Categories, Grouping/Family Unit)

Sponsorship Conversations

  • Do you want to allow moderated Conversations between your sponsorships and sponsors?
  • Do you want to enable Video Messaging in Conversations among your sponsors and sponsorships?
  • Do you want to include conversation attachments in the emails to your supporters?
  • What rules and/or guidelines do you want to have in place for this?

Sponsorship Gifts

  • Do you want to provide the ability for sponsors to purchase and/or donate gifts for their sponsorships?

Online Sponsorships

  • For online sponsorships that become past due, do you want your sponsors to be able to log in to their donor portal and see a catch up sponsorship payment alert? This will alert your sponsors of their past due amount and once they click the button, they can quickly and easily catch up on their sponsorship payments by donating the past due amount.

Offline Sponsorships

  • For sponsorships that are paid offline (via cash or check), do you want to set up automatic emails to your supporters to thank them for sponsoring and to remind them of payment? View our Supporter Notifications article to learn more.

Setting up a sponsorship program in REACH takes four main steps:

  1. Create any custom fields for your sponsorship program
  2. Create the sponsorship types needed for your organization
  3. Add or import your sponsorship profiles into REACH
  4. Add or import your sponsorship images into REACH 

After the basic sponsorship information has been added, you can then: convert your sponsorships to online, start a sponsorship for a supporter, filter and order your sponsorships, tag your sponsorships to assign them to an admin or an admin-only view priority status, enable admin-moderated conversations among your sponsors and their sponsorships, denote as biggest need and link sponsorships into family units or groups.

Let’s begin by creating your custom fields for your Sponsorships.

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