REACH System Overview for Developers

If you’re a developer and are working for – or, on behalf of a REACH client, this article is for you.


REACH is built around two Themes, Quartz and Ruby. 

A REACH Theme is the general design and framework of your REACH portal, based on Liquid templates. REACH provides a fully-functional Theme engine to each organization that uses REACH, giving you the ability to fully customize the style and design of your REACH portals.

Your REACH website, or any of the REACH pages used with your existing website that are used to bring information to your supporters and take them through your sponsorship or donation process, are all based on your Active Theme.

Your REACH Theme is where the REACH development team pushes updates to the overall code on the backend of REACH. This could include feature updates or minor bug or error fixes (examples could be misspellings or buttons not working as intended).

We highly recommend each organization stays current and updates their REACH theme as new versions are released. This will ensure they benefit from the most up-to-date features and capabilities of REACH.

Learn more about Themes and read some Theme FAQs.

Portal Branding

REACH gives you the ability to use your organization’s branding throughout your site. This includes adding your logo and setting your color scheme and fonts.

You’ll have primary, secondary, and tertiary colors that you want to use for your organization based on its brand. That information can all be input into your Portal Branding. 

We also give you the ability to add Custom CSS to have additional control over the Donation Page, Supporter Login Page, or Donor Pages on your REACH Portal. 

Learn more about Portal Branding and using the CSS Editor.

Customizing your Portal 

With REACH, you can easily customize the look of your portal, specifically your Homepage, Sponsorships, Projects, Places and Campaigns pages, to match your nonprofits branding. Here, we’re referring to adding and updating banner and background images, tagline text, calls to action, buttons and more.

In general terms, to remove various sections that are included in your REACH Theme, you can navigate to the Index Template of your active REACH Theme. 

Learn more about your Portal Setup

Integrating with your Website

We also allow you to to integrate your REACH portal with your website so its unnoticeable to your supporters.

This is accomplished by customizing and editing your Menus

We also offer custom Pages so you can add additional web pages to your public site, for example a Contact Us, About Us, Staff, Matching Gifts or Privacy Policy page.

Domain Names

You can use your own domain name in REACH. 

To do so will require editing your DNS records with your domain name registrar and creating a CNAME to point to your REACH site.

Learn how here.

Using REACH, you can create any number of unique donation forms and customize them to your preferences and embed them on your webpages or add links to your communications.

Learn more about that option here.

Communication Options

REACH includes several communication options: REACH system generated emails, text messages, text to give, custom emails, email templates, mail merge templates, supporter notifications, admin automations and UTM tracking to name a few.

REACH provides an Email Template Editor that gives you the ability to customize the design of the emails that are automatically sent by REACH to your supporters. 

Review our Communications Overview.

API Documentation

REACH includes an open RESTful API for our Pro and Pro Plus plan levels. These features can be used for building connections between your account and any other services that your organization uses.

Learn more about API here.

Site Integrations

REACH integrates with the tools most important to nonprofits so we can help make your experience as seamless as possible. Technology is always expanding and growing and so are we.

Some of these include Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Facebook Pixel, Zapier and 360MatchPro by Double the Donation.

Learn more here.

Additional Developer Resources

We also provide you with additional developer resources for your customization needs, including Liquid Objects, Liquid Tags Information, Filters, Operators, Forms and Pagination


Watch: A Developer’s Guide to REACH Webinar

In the Webinar, we discuss integrating your website with little to no technical knowledge, our built-in integrations with other services, our full custom branding capabilities and how to build your own custom integrations.

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