When using a REACH Theme and setting up your layout, templates, and partials there are other elements that you can use, including forms.

There are two Forms that can be rendered in templates for supporters to take an action step to support your organization.

New Sponsorship Form

Use the form below to render a form for a supporter to start a new sponsorship.

Note: The sponsorship object must be present in the template and passed to the form in order for it to display properly.

{% sponsorship_form sponsorship %}{% endsponsorship_form %}

New Campaign Form

Use the form below to render a form for the supporter to start a new personal campaign fundraising page.

You can build a custom workflow for the campaign by hiding the form rendered using the code below via CSS or JavaScript then building another form on top which will fill out this form’s fields and click submit when completed.

{% campaign_form %}{% endcampaign_form %

For additional assistance with this, please contact our Support team.

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