QR Codes

QR Codes are square barcodes that can be scanned by a supporter’s mobile device and will point to a pre-specified web page.

In REACH, QR Codes can be generated for your Sponsorships, Projects, Places, Campaigns and Custom Donation Forms directly within REACH. The QR Codes can be individually downloaded or included on our customizable sponsorship flyer and sponsorship card templates via Mail Merge.

Each QR Code generated is unique based upon the parameters set when creating the QR code.

QR Code for Sponsorships

We have designed two templates to use when generating QR Codes for your Sponsorships: Sponsorship Flyer – QR Code and Sponsorship Card – QR Code.

To use them, you will need to copy the templates in Mail Merge and make modifications if desired. Follow these steps for each template to make the templates available for your use.

  • Go to Settings > Mail Merge Templates
  • Scroll down to the example templates and click the Copy button next to the QR template of your choice.
  • For our example, we will choose: Sponsorship Card – QR Code.
  • Rename the Template as desired
  • Adjust the setup of the templates as desired (for our example, we left the template as is)
  • Note: Both templates automatically include Family/Group information, Project or Place followed by any custom fields associated with the Sponsorship Type. Any custom fields that are set to admin-only will not be included on the template. For additional customization options, please review our Customizing QR Code Templates article.
  • Review and add or remove Content as desired.
  • You can click on Insert Fields to add various liquid objects to your template
  • Note: To resize the QR code, you can also adjust the filter to select a size 1 – 10. (for our example, we left as is)
  • Click Save Changes

Once the above steps are complete, the sponsorship card and the sponsorship flyer can now be used on an individual sponsorship record, or when running a sponsorship report.

Sponsorship Card and Sponsorship Flyer Examples

To generate the Mail Merge for an individual sponsorship record:

  • Go to Sponsorships > Select a Sponsorship Name
  • Click on Generate Mail Merge
  • Select the Template – Sponsorship Card or Sponsorship Flyer
  • Click Generate

Both the sponsorship card and flyer will be downloaded as a PDF file. Examples are shown below.

As you can see in the above example, the QR Codes included on the Sponsorship Card and Flyers will link directly to the sponsorships individual profile page (in our example, Jasper Owino’s individual sponsorship page). You can print the Sponsorship Card, attach it to an email, or distribute any other way desired.

To generate the Mail Merge for multiple sponsorships:

  • Go to Reports > Sponsorships
  • Filter your sponsorship records as desired.
  • Click Search
  • After the report has been processed, select the sponsorship records you want a mail merge template generated for (for our example, we chose Amelia Owino and Asher Owino)
  • Click Generate Mail Merge
  • Select your Template (for our example, we selected Sponsorship Flyer – QR Code)
  • Click Generate

A sponsorship flyer for Amelia Owino and a sponsorship flyer for Asher Owino (both of the sponsorship records we selected) will be downloaded in a single PDF file. 

This can be either done by going to Settings > Donation Categories or by clicking on the Donations module on the left side of the Admin Console

  • Click on the Create Custom Donation Link
  • Add in the information
  • Click Generate QR Code.
  • A .png file will be downloaded to your computer.

This .png QR code image can now be added to any of your own templates. When you scan the QR Code with your mobile device, you will see that it takes you directly to the pre-populated donation page to donate $100/monthly to the Water Wells for Haiti campaign.

For our example, we will be creating a donation link to donate $100/monthly for our Water Wells for Haiti campaign. 

QR Code for an Embeddable Donation Form

You can also generate a QR code for your custom donation forms. This is frequently used when promoting a specific initiative to give your supporters the option to scan the QR code to be taken to a donation form with pre-specified information and donation amounts.

  • Go to Settings > Donation Forms
  • Create or Edit a Donation Form
  • Next to the Donation Form title, click on Share
  • Click on the Generate QR Code button
  • A .png file will be downloaded to your computer that will link directly to your custom donation form.

QR Codes for Projects, Places and Campaigns

QR Codes for Projects, Places and Campaigns can be generated by clicking on Project, Places or Campaigns on the left-hand side menu in your Admin Console, then choosing the Project, Place or Campaign from the listing page and clicking on the Actions > Generate QR Code button. A QR Code will automatically be downloaded.

QR Codes for Projects, Places and Campaigns will direct a supporter to the primary page of the Project, Place or Campaign where they can view information and make a donation.

An example of a Projects page and where to find the Generate QR Code button is shown below.

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