Starting a Fundraising Campaign

Admins can easily start a fundraising campaign from the Admin Console.

Before getting started, we recommend organizations review their Account Rules for Campaigns by going to Settings > Account Rules > Campaigns tab.

Organizations can also create custom Campaign Themes to maintain brand consistency across multiple fundraising campaigns that share the same purpose or cause.

To start a fundraising campaign:

  • Click on Campaigns on the left side panel of your Admin Console
  • Click the +New Campaign button to manually input and start a new campaign
  • From here, you can fill in the Title for the Campaign and can choose the Campaign Theme to help get you started. You must fill in a short description for the campaign
  • Optional information includes Add to Group, Goal Amount, Goal Terms, Goal End Date, GL Code, Campaign Type, Gifts, Projects, Places and Sponsorship.
  • Note: To ensure recurring donations are automatically stopped when a campaign is over and the goal is met, you will need to set a Goal Amount for your campaign. Once the Goal Amount is reached,  all recurring donations to the campaign will stop
  • You can add a link to a YouTube or Vimeo video, upload the profile image (use a square image for best results, we recommend 900 x 900 pixels) and a campaign cover image (preferred size is at least 1000 x 300 pixels).
  • Using the Editor section, tell your supporters the purpose of the Campaign. You can add images, links and formatting to visually enhance your message.
  • If you have promotional items, or other fundraising items related to the campaign, they can be added with the Gifts button. Here you can upload an image along with its price and description. To add more than one gift, simply click the Add a Gift button. Gift purchases are tracked from your Products module.
  • Add Donation Levels (optional) to provide your supporters donation benchmarks as pre-determined donation amounts (ex: $50, $100, $250) as a one-time or recurring donation.
  • Make sure to click the green Create Campaign button once you have finished entering the information for the New Campaign.
  • If you would like to add sub-campaigns under a Parent campaign, you must first create the sub-campaign and save it. You can then go back in through Edit and select the Parent campaign.

Click the campaign title to view the campaign dashboard. You’ll see a graph of campaign donations, total amounts, campaign details, any associated Tasks & Reminders, and the campaign’s description.

Click the Actions button to Edit the campaign, Crop Images, create a New Message or a New Mailing that will go to the campaign’s donors, create a Task, Generate a QR Code, and View Public Page.

The Files tab will include any files you have uploaded specific to the campaign.


The Campaign donation form has two “anonymous” checkboxes – one for keeping the amount anonymous, and one to keep the donor name anonymous. An admin can also make a donation anonymous when entering a campaign donation, or changing it on behalf of a donor. Both checkboxes or available on the donation form in the admin console, and in Edit mode for a campaign donation.

Organizations can also choose to hide the donors list on their Campaigns page. Please contact our Support team for assistance.

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