In-Kind Donations

In-Kind donations are non-monetary donations made to nonprofit organizations.

For example, say you have a professional photographer that does some work for your organization and discounts their fees or donates their services. The photographer would like to have a tax-deductible receipt for this in-kind donation.

To do this, we recommend you create a Custom Payment Type named In-Kind. Once created, you can add the donation to that payment type with the dollar value of the gift.

To create a Custom Payment Type, go to:

  • Settings > Donation Setup > Custom Payment Types tab
  • Enter in a Title for your Custom Payment Types, example In-Kind
  • A Permalink will be generated
  • Click Save Changes

Any Custom Payment Types you create are listed in your Donation History Import Template under payment_types. This can be used for importing any donation records.

Once the Custom Payment Type is created, record the In-Kind donation.

  • Go to Donations > + New Donation
  • Add the donation information and next to Payment Type, choose In-Kind
  • Complete adding the donation

As with any donation, a donation recorded as In-Kind (or with any other Custom Payment Type) will be shown on your Donations and can be filtered in your Reports.

To generate the tax receipt, you will need to add the Donation Receipt Mail Merge Template.

To do so, go to Settings > Mail Merge Templates 

  • Under Example Templates, click to Copy the Donation Receipt
  • Customize as desired

Finally, to generate the Donation Receipt: 

  • Go to the Supporter’s profile
  • Click on the Donations tab
  • Scroll down to Donation History
  • On the specific donation you just added, click on Actions > Print Receipt
  • Choose the Donation Receipt template you just copied and generate it

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