Sponsorship Settings Options

REACH provides several different customization settings and account rule options for your sponsorship program. This will provide you with an overview of each.

Note: This article pertains to sponsorships only. While in each section, we recommend reviewing your settings and options for all areas within REACH.

Account Rules

Go to Settings > Account Rules > Sponsorships tab

From here, you can:

  • Choose when to notify an admin of past due sponsorships
  • Automatically add new sponsors to a Supporter Group
  • Choose how to order your sponsorships on the public page
  • Bypass the cart page for new sponsorships
  • Ask sponsors to include an additional recurring donation to another category

Admin User Access

Go to Settings > Admin Users and edit each individual admin

From the Permissions tab, you can grant access or limit to read only for:

  • Sponsorships – Manage sponsorships and relationships with supporters
  • Sponsorship Supporters – Manage the relationships between sponsorships and supporters
  • Sponsorship Type – Manage sponsorship program setup

From the Notifications tab, you can choose which notifications each admin should receive from REACH for:

  • Cancelled Sponsorship
  • New Sponsorship
  • Sponsorship Payment Reminder

From the Projects/Places tab, you can attach certain admins to an existing Project or Place. Once attached, the admin’s access to sponsorships will be scoped based on the Projects or Places selected. 

Donation Setup

From Settings > Donation Setup > Default GL Codes, you can set your default GL code for Sponsorship Types. 

Portal Setup

From Settings > Portal Setup > Sponsorships tab, you can:

  • Choose to hide your fully sponsored sponsorships from the sponsorship page. Here are the full instructions.
  • Review your Sponsorship Conversations rules
  • Choose to post a Catch Up Alert in the Donor Portal when a sponsor has become past due
  • Hide Sponsorship Albums from public view
  • Rename Sponsorships and Sponsorship Shares
  • Add a Sponsorships Banner Image
  • Add a Sponsorship Message that is shown when viewing a single sponsorship
  • Add a Sponsorships Overview text that is shown on the top of your main, public Sponsorships page

From Settings > Portal Setup > Gift Catalog tab, you can: 

  • Rename the Gift Catalog
  • Add Header Content 

Note: Your Gift Catalog will display Products created and designated as a sponsorship gift for supporters to purchase items for their sponsorship. 

Email Templates

From Settings > Email Templates, you can:

  • Update your New Sponsorship email
    • Note: We recommend include first time login instructions for the Donor Portal. Please refer to this article for our suggested text. 

Supporter Notifications

From Settings > Supporter Notifications, you can:

Create custom emails that can be automatically sent to your supporters after:

  • A Sponsorship is Cancelled
  • An Offline Sponsorship Supporter is Created
  • An Offline Sponsorship is Past Due

Mail Merge Templates

From Settings > Mail Merge Templates, you can create and edit our example templates for:

  • Past Due Sponsorship Reminder
  • Sponsorship Card with QR Code
  • Sponsorship Flyer with QR Code
  • Sponsorship Information Sheet
  • Sponsorship Thank You 


From Data Setup > Tags, you can create short text labels and attach them to your sponsorship records. 

These are commonly used to assign certain sponsorships to certain admins, flag for an upcoming newsletter or social media posting, assign a priority level. Refer to our Sponsorship Tags article for more information. 


From Data Setup > Automations, you can set up immediate admin notifications for when a Sponsorship Supporter has cancelled their sponsorship or an admin has changed the frequency, amount or shares. 

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