Project Custom Fields

In this article, we will provide instructions for creating custom fields for your Projects in REACH.

Custom fields define what demographic and other information you want to capture about your Projects and can be shown publicly, to Admins only or to Sponsors Only.

There is no limit to the number of custom fields you can create for your Projects. 

Some example Project custom fields we commonly see are: 

  • Estimated Completion (Date)
  • Project Additional Info (Table with Table Fields of Title, Dates and Notes)

Here is an example of a Project’s page that includes custom fields. 

The Project custom fields are shown in the Details section or as a Tab when set up as a table. 

To edit these custom fields, click on the Actions > Edit button in the main record. 

Creating a Custom Field for your Projects

  • Go to Data Setup > Custom Fields
  • Click on + New Field
  • Add a Title
  • Choose Project as your Referral
  • Check the box if you want to Show in Admin Console only
  • Select the Type of Data:
    • Single Line Text – a short text field to hold information
    • Paragraph Text – a string of text such as a sentence or paragraph
    • Number fields are used for numbers
      • Note: For data that will need to be updated yearly,we recommend inputing as a Number in order for you to complete a Bulk Update yearly or as needed.
    • Date fields are used for any calendar date
    • Dropdown Select – to add multiple options to choose, Yes and No
    • A Table can be created to hold a historical list of information.
      • Note: Any Table field created for a Sponsorship or Supporter will be only available to Admins and will display as a tab on a record and will be shown in the Data Setup>Exports list.
  • Click Create

Any created custom fields for Projects will automatically appear in your Project profiles. 

Example of Project Custom Fields

Here are examples of a Project Custom Field created to display on your Project’s Record.

Project Custom Field as a Date

In this instance, we have created a Project Custom Field we titled Estimated Completion. We set this up as a Date field so it displays as a date under the Details section in the Project’s Record. You can set up multiple Project custom fields this way to capture the information you desire.

Here is how the information is displayed in the Project’s record.

Project Custom Field as a Table

In this instance, we have created a Project Custom Field we titled Project Additional Information that is shown in the Project’s view. We set this up as a Table so it displays as a tab in the Project’s record and added the Fields for Table of Title (Single Line Text) and Notes (Paragraph Text).

From the Project’s record, you will see Project Additional Information as a tab. From here, you can view all records, +Add Record and click on the Actions button next to each record to Edit or Delete your records.

Setting this Project custom field up as a Table will allow this data to be exported as an Excel spreadsheet or as a PDF directly from the Project Additional Information tab.

Custom fields set up as a table also allows you to search them from the Exports section. To do so, go to Data Setup > Data Import/Export and find and click on Project Additional Information.

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