Managing your Membership Program

Memberships is currently in beta testing. If you are a current REACH client interested in joining our beta testers, please sign up here.

Once your Membership Program is created, you can edit your overall program, your Membership Level Payment Options and your Membership Level Benefits.

From the main Memberships page, you can use Actions > Edit to edit your overall program, include its Title, Permalink, GL Code, Description and choose to Disable. A membership program can be deleted only if there are no members associated with it.

Alternatively, from the main Memberships page, you can click on the Program Title (ex: Champions Club). 

This will take you to that Membership Program’s dashboard.

Here you can:

  • View a graph of new Memberships in the last 30 Days
  • View and Set Tasks & Reminders
  • View Detailed Description
  • Use the Actions button to Edit your program details, generate an Email, Text Message or Mail Merge to all members, access Signup URLs, and create a Task
  • Click on the Membership Levels tab to add and edit each Membership Level
  • Click on the Members tab to view all Members and use the Actions > Edit button to View Details, Edit and Cancel Members as needed. 
  • Click on the Files tab to add files to your Membership Program 


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