Starting a Fundraising Campaign from Donor Portal

REACH gives organizations the option of allowing their supporters to start a fundraising campaign on the organization’s behalf from their Donor Portal.

Note: If you want to hide this capability, view our Customizing your Donor Portal article.

Common examples of supporter generated fundraising campaigns are: matching campaign, donate a birthday, mission trip, etc.

Supporters are required to create an account if they do not already have one and must sign in to start a fundraising campaign.

Once logged in, supporters can begin creating their campaign from their profile; or directly from the menu bar under Campaigns > Start a Campaign, if this is enabled for your organization.

Note: If your menu has been edited to remove the Campaigns section, supporters can also navigate to Campaigns within their Donor Portal.

Supporters can choose a Campaign Theme or can create their own campaign without a theme.

Note: Organizations can create Campaign Themes to maintain brand consistency across multiple fundraising campaigns that share the same purpose or cause.

Supporters can add a cover image, profile image, title, URL, Campaign Goal, End Date, add a campaign purpose in the paragraph field, link to a youtube or vimeo video, attach to a Project and attach to a Place.

Once finished, click Save Changes to create the new campaign.

Note: Organizations can require admin approval for supporter generated campaigns. If admin approval is required, the supporter generated campaign will not be public until approved by an admin. To learn more, read our Approving Supporter Campaigns article.

Once created, supporters can log in to their account any time to post an update on their Campaign.

To do so:

  • Login to Donor Portal
  • Go to Campaigns and select the campaign needed
  • Click on New Message next to the Campaign
  • This will open an editor where an update can be written. Compose the Message.
  • Click Create
  • Note: If your account requires admin approval for supporter campaigns, an admin will need to also approve updates to campaigns before they are posted publicly.

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