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REACH allows you to create and use multiple Menus in your REACH Theme to organize and categorize your information.

To create additional Menus, go to Settings > Menus.

Note: The Menu shown for the Donation Page and supporter login pages are independent from your REACH Theme. These will use the default Main Menu. Other Menus created will not be used for these supporter-view pages.

When setting up your layout, templates, and partials there are other elements that you can use to build your Theme. This includes adding a liquid tag to pull the links from your Menu and traverse a Menu tree.

The example below builds a menu with drop-downs and uses the method “menus.main-menu” to reference the Main Menu using it’s permalink “main-menu”.


{% for link in menus.main-menu %}
		<a href="{{ link.url }}">{{ link.title }}</a>
		{% if link.links.size > 0 %}
				{% for l in link.links %}
					<li><a href="{{ l.url }}">{{ l.title }}</a></li>
				{% endfor %}
		{% endif %}
{% endfor %}

For additional assistance with your Menus, please contact our Support team.


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