Memberships Overview

Memberships is currently in beta testing. If you are a current REACH client interested in joining our beta testers, please sign up here.

REACH’s Membership Program will allow your organization to create and manage any number of membership programs with varying membership levels and recurring payment options. 

Offering a Membership Program helps you build long-term support and loyalty by offering benefits to your supporters. 

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Features of Membership Programs: 

  • Offer memberships to your supporters and donors
  • Create unlimited, fully customizable membership tiers
  • Easily group your members
  • Provide benefits and discounts based on tiers
  • Build and view reports on your members
  • Create embeddable membership sign-up forms
  • Generate mail merges and QR codes for easy sharing

Benefits for your Nonprofit:

  • Foster meaningful connections through a Membership Program
  • Increased engagement with your supporters turned members
  • Higher retainment rate for members
  • Broader reach
  • Predictable funding base

Benefits for your Supporters:

  • Benefit from recurring membership payment options
  • Receive automatic payment reminders
  • Receive regular communication from the nonprofit
  • Receive discount codes and other benefits and incentives
  • Enjoy a more engaging relationship with the nonprofit
  • Gift a membership to others
  • Manage your membership program from your Donor Portal

Membership Program Management in Admin Console

From the main Membership Programs page, organizations can see their Active (and Inactive) Membership Programs. 

The index will list the:

  • Membership Program title
  • Permalink
  • Membership Levels
  • Number of Total Memberships
  • Disabled Membership Programs listed in the Disabled tab

The Actions button allows organizations to:

  • Edit their Membership Program
  • Add a new Membership Level
  • Send an email or text message to all Members
  • View their direct Signup URLs and generate QR codes
  • Disable their Membership Program

Organizations can also click on Memberships Report to generate a report of their membership programs. 

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