Payment Gateways

We support over 100 payment gateways to allow your supporters to make online donations.

Choose What Fits

Choose the payment gateway that works best for your organization out of the 100+ payment gateways that REACH supports. Common considerations include transaction fees and the ability to accept ACH/EFT payments.

Easily set up and configure the payment gateway in your account. REACH will send the donation information to your payment gateway at the time of the donation, recurring donations are processed at night.

Safe, Secure & Transfer Gateways at Any Time

Payment details are stored in our certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant payment card vault. This means all of your data and customer information is ultra-secure.

You can change your payment gateway at any time without disruption or notification to your donors. Once you have provided your supporter payment information to REACH, changing your payment gateway will not affect the supporter payment data stored within REACH.

Key Features

We work with a large number of payment gateways to help ensure your needs are met.


REACH and it's payment vault are certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant.

We want you to seamlessly and securely accept and process donations.


We support over 100 payment gateways so you can choose the one best for you.

We want you to use the payment gateway you choose and be able to change it at any time.


Stripe is our preferred payment gateway due to its ease of use, no hidden fees and low cost.

Our integration with Stripe provides you with seamless transactions and an all-inclusive low price.

Comparing Payment Gateways

Your organization must have an account with a payment gateway to use REACH. Stripe is our most preferred payment gateway due to its ease of use, non-profit discount, all-inclusive price with fewer hidden fees and the amount of countries, currencies and card types it works with.

Here is a comparison of some of the payment gateways often used by REACH clients. These amounts reflect only the monthly subscription for the payment provider.

Monthly Fees Transaction Fees 501c(3) Discount Currencies Card Types
Stripe $0 2.9% + 30c Yes Over 100 6 $25 2.9% + 30c No 11 6
PayPal Pro $30 2.9% + 30c Yes 23 9

*This comparative information is based on an average for these providers and may change at any time. Many have fluctuating pricing structures and fees based on volume.

**This table also compares the capabilities with REACH integration and is not necessarily a reflection of the full capabilities of the payment processor listed.

*** If you use a payment gateway other than Stripe, we highly recommend you learn and have a full understanding of any additional or hidden fees that may change in the event of a refund or other occurrence.