Reach is a centralized communications and support portal for non-profit organizations. Using Reach, your organization can better engage your supporters and workers on multiple levels, enabling you to grow and build your tribe more efficiently while you focus on your mission. Reach has three main components: fundraising, engagement, and transparency.


Reach increases your fundraising capabilities while decreasing your administrative costs. Easily accept one-time and recurring online donations using your current payment gateway or one of the 65+ Reach supports. Record offline donations in a simple to use interface. Set-up fundraising campaigns to raise money for a specific item or program. Allow supporters to start their own campaigns. They can begin a matching gift campaign or donate their birthday, holiday or other special occasion for the cause.


The modern Internet gives organizations and supporters any number of ways to engage with one another. Reach gives you the ability to customize each relationship by allowing supporters to follow your organization's work by reading on the site, receiving daily email updates, following through social media, or subscribing via RSS.


People today demand transparency. Reach gives you the ability to easily demonstrate where your resources are being put to use so you can quickly build trust with existing and potential supporters. This transparency leads to increased involvement and giving, providing you with the resources you need to grow your organization.


Reach is built on state-of-the-art web technologies allowing you and your supporters to access your site from any web-enabled device. Reach also uses the most secure methods of processing and storing credit card and password information available.

Personal Fundraising for Supporters
Smartphone Optimized
One-time and Recurring Donations
Email Marketing
Photo Albums
Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Supporter Accounts
Unlimited Records
Social Media Integration
Customizable Design
Built-in Donation Tax Documentation
100% Cloud-based
Post Messages & Videos
Unlimited Places/Locations
Unlimited Administrator Accounts
Unlimited Donations

Our Story

In the fall of 2011, we had an idea to simplify how non-profit organizations we loved communicated with us. From monthly newsletters via snail mail or email to an occasional update on the website or a personal visit, it all seemed to still be using old methods and technology. It’s not because organizations have not wanted to update the way they communicate, but there has not been a toolset created which would allow them to do so.

With all the internet has to offer from social media, to mass email, to accepting credit cards online, keeping supporters and donors up-to-date and more involved in what is happening in your organization should be fairly simple, but its not. It’s hard to aggregate all those tools into one cohesive process.

What if it was simpler, what would that do? What if one simple message posted from a staff member in a little village in South Africa was able to notify the world about an immediate need? And what if there was a person on the other side of the globe who just happened to check Twitter or Facebook on their phone and wanted to help? And what if that need could be met by that person?

That is where Reach comes from, a simple desire to develop tools that allow supporters and organizations to develop a more intimate relationship. With Reach we want to help breakdown communication barriers. Allow supporters to take the lead in helping the organization and involving their friends and family in its work. All while helping organization run more efficiently.

Reach accomplishes this by automating parts of the transparency, engagement, and fund-raising process of your organization. Reach was developed in partnership with organizations already doing this work because we wanted to better understand the real-world scenarios and complexities around these areas so we could develop a tool that actually solves problems instead of creating another administrative headache.

Lastly, with Reach we want to serve you best so you can serve others. We want to do more than sell you software, we want to develop a relationship with your organization so we can continue to learn from one another to help you reduce administrative costs and increase the effectiveness of your organization.


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