Updating Sponsorship Donations

In this article, we discuss common scenarios in which an admin will need to update sponsorship payments. These include changing the donation amount or number of shares for a sponsorship, applying previous donations to a sponsorship, and changing the recurring date for a sponsorship.

Change the Donation Amount or Number of Shares for a Sponsorship

If you would like to change the number of shares a supporter is sponsoring or the amount per share, this can be done by editing the Sponsorship Supporter record

Here’s how:

  • From the Supporter record, select the Sponsorship to view the Sponsorship-Supporter record
  • In the top right, click the Actions button and select Edit Sponsorship Supporter
  • Edit the amount or number of shares by entering the new amount
  • Click Save Changes


  • This will affect recurring donations going forward. Donations going forward will be charged at the new amount for this individual supporter and not your set share amount.
  • Increasing the number of shares/amount may affect the Past Due calculations for that record, as the system will track all giving based on the new amount. If changing the shares/amount creates a Past Due notice for the sponsorship, an admin can Mark as Current for that record going forward.

Applying previous donations to a Sponsorship

If there are donations from a Supporter that have not been attached to the appropriate sponsorship, you can edit the donation to attach it as needed.

Common scenarios could be perhaps a Supporter made an online recurring donation to a General Fund but instead, wants it to be applied to their Sponsorship; or donations from a Donation History Import did not get attached to their Sponsorships correctly.

Here’s how to fix:

  • Go to Donation History
  • Locate the donation
  • Click Edit Donation
  • Select the Purpose
  • Select the Sponsorship
  • Click Save Changes

For Recurring Donations:

  • Locate the Recurring Donation
  • Click Edit Recurring
  • Select Purpose
  • Select the Sponsorship
  • Click Save Changes

Change the Date of a Recurring Donation for a Sponsorship

If you need to change the recurring date for a recurring donation to a Sponsorship:

  • From the Supporter record, click the correct Sponsorship from the profile page. This will take you to the Sponsorship Supporter record
  • Scroll to Donations and click Edit Recurring Donation from the Donation Actions button
  • Select the day of month for all future transactions to process
  • Select from the calendar the date when the new transaction date should begin processing
  • Note: All future sponsorship donations will begin processing from the new date

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