Updating Sponsorship Cost and Shares

In this article, we discuss common scenarios in which an admin will need to update sponsorship payments.

These include changing the sponsorship cost per share or the number of shares needed for a sponsorship, applying previous donations to a sponsorship, and changing the recurring date for a sponsorship.

Please note that if your organization chooses to update the Cost per Share of a sponsorship, this will only take effect for new sponsorships. The new amount will not be reflected for current/previous sponsors.

Changing the Sponsorship Cost or Shares

To change the sponsorship cost per share amount for a sponsorship (for example, increasing the cost from $30 to $40 per sponsorship share) or the number of Shares available per Sponsorships (for example, it will now take 5 shares to fully sponsor a sponsorship instead of 3) you will need to edit the Sponsorship Type.

Here’s how:

  • From the left-hand side of your Admin Console, click on Sponsorships > Sponsorship Types
  • Next to the Sponsorship Type you wish to update, click Edit
  • Next to Cost per Share, update the amount
  • And/Or, next to Shares, update the amount
  • Scroll down and click Save Changes

Important Notes on Updating Sponsorship Amounts

The new Cost per Share amount and number of Shares will only be in effect for any new sponsorships started after the update. Current sponsor’s recurring donation amount will not change.

For example, if you increased the Cost per Share amount from $30 to $40, new sponsors will be charged at $40, but any current sponsors share amount will remain at $30. This is because the REACH system was setup to safeguard sponsors from having their monthly payment costs adjusted or raised without their foreknowledge.

If you do want to update your current sponsors, you will need to access their individual Sponsorship-Supporter records:

Here’s how:

  • From the Supporter record, select the Sponsorship to view the Sponsorship-Supporter record
  • In the top right, click Actions > Edit Sponsorship Supporter
  • Update the Total Amount
    • Note: This will adjust the recurring donation amount for that supporter starting with the next scheduled donation.
  • Scroll down and click Save Changes

Increasing the Cost per Share and the number of Shares may also effect the Past Due calculations for that record, as the system will track all giving based on the new amount. If this occurs, an admin can Mark as Current for those records going forward.

Note: When you do Mark as Current, you may see a Skipped notice listed under Donations on the Sponsorship-Supporter record. This is the system simply disregarding the new amount it is expected to correct the numbers and not actually skipping a payment.

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