Donor Mobile App Overview and FAQs

Provide your donors with a way to stay better connected with your organization and give potential donors an easy way to learn about, engage with and support you organization directly from their mobile device using the Donor Mobile App. 

Donor Mobile App Benefits

Stay Current: Having a mobile app for your donors will keep your organization on trend.

Anytime, Anywhere: Donors can use the mobile app anytime they have their phone in hand. 

Push Notifications: Need a quick way to ensure your donors get a message from your organization? Send them an alert using the mobile app and donors who have opted-in to push notifications will receive your message immediately. 

Easy to Donate: Using the mobile app, making a donation is quick and easy. 

Stay Better Connected with Sponsorships: While using the mobile app, sponsors can start and respond to conversations with their sponsorships, including video messaging. All moderated, by you, of course.

Contactless: Organizations can tell potential sponsors to download their mobile app at any of their events to make a donation or start a sponsorship. This will save you tons of time and money, no longer requiring you to print and bring sponsorship cards or flyers. 

Donor Mobile App Costs

When you’re ready to begin using our donor mobile app, our skilled team of developers will transfer your REACH data and information into the donor mobile app. 

There is one-time setup fee of $500 and a $99/month charge that will be added to your REACH monthly billing statement. 

Donor Mobile App FAQs

How do we get the Donor Mobile App for our nonprofit?

Visit our Donor Mobile App page and click on the Sign Up button.

Is the Donor Mobile App available for both Apple and Android devices?

Yes, the donor mobile app is available for both Apple and Android devices. 

Is the Donor Mobile App available to all REACH clients?

Currently, the donor mobile app is only available to US-based nonprofits. 

Who manages the Donor Mobile App?

REACH manages the donor mobile app for clients? 

Will updates be made regularly to the app?

Yes. REACH will make regular updates to the app and will release new features to the app. 

Can donors communicate with their sponsorships on the Donor Mobile App?

Yes. Donors can read, write and send conversations/messages and videos to their sponsorships using the donor mobile app just as they could using your organization’s public donor portal. This is only available if your organization allows conversations among donors and their sponsorships and will follow the same process as your organization has set up.

Can donors sponsor from the app?

Yes. Donors can browse available sponsorship opportunities and sponsor directly from the mobile donor app.

Can donors make donations from the app?

Yes. Donors can donate to any of your donation categories you have setup using the donor mobile app.

Can donors view their donation history?

Yes. Under the “My Donations” section, donors can view their recurring donations, pledges and completed donations.

Can donors update their info from the app? 

Yes. Donors can update their contact and payment information directly from the app.


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