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This article will help answer some of our most frequently asked questions about Products. 

I have created Products and am not seeing them on my website. Can you help? 

If you are using Products, you will need to update your REACH Menu to include a link to Products. We do not include Products by default, as not all REACH clients use this feature. 

Refer to our Menus article for instructions on how to add it to your Menu.

Can I rename the Gift Catalog?

Yes, Gift Catalog can be renamed. To do so, go to Settings > Portal Setup > Gift Catalog tab.

Can we restrict our product sales to US-only?

While REACH cannot prevent an order from being purchased outside of the US, including the restriction information in each product description will help to prevent these orders.


Why I am not seeing certain features that are shown in your documentation? 

The following features are only available if you update your REACH Theme to Ruby 2.3 or Quartz 2.3:

  • Only a few left (Products)
  • Cart and Checkout buttons on public pages
  • Continue Shopping button
  • Search bar on the Products page
  • Category menu on the Products page

Please refer to our Updating Your REACH Theme article to learn how to update your theme in order to use these features.

Why am I not able to change the order of my Product Variants?

If you are creating a Product with Product Variants, please click Create Product or Save Changes first. Once created, you can then go back and change the order of your product variants.

When in the Donation Cart, the text description says “Item Total includes the Monthly Recurring Donation for your Sponsorship. You will have the option of selecting the recurring period on the next page as part of the donation process.” Can we remove this?

Yes, this was updated to remove this text IF cart only contains a Product. This requires a REACH Theme update to Ruby 2.3 or Quartz 2.3. 

Please refer to our Updating Your REACH Theme article to learn more.

I’ve been assigning Positions to my Products but they are still not listed in the order I desire. Can you help?

Positions are only reflected on the public page. The Products page in the Admin Console is sorted by Product Title by default. 

Note, the higher the number means the better the rank in the list. For example, a record with the position of 1,000 is displayed before a record with the position of 0 or 100.

Why can’t I order single purchase products and recurring products at the same time?

A cart with a recurring product (example: coffee subscription) is only allowed to have that item in it. REACH will remove other items from the Cart if a recurring product is also in the Cart.

Where to supporters choose their recurring period for recurring products?

The recurring period (monthly, quarterly or yearly) is shown on the checkout page for recurring products (example: coffee subscription). We also recommend that Admins add the recurring period options in their Product Item descriptions (example: This is a monthly subscription.)

How is Only a Few left calculated?

Only a few left is noted when 80% of the Inventory Amount has been sold, in other words, only 20% is left. 

Can we change our percentage calculation for Only a Few left?

Yes, this can be done by updating your Active Theme > under Templates > Product

Look for the lines: 

{% if percentage _sold >= 80 and precentage_sold < 100 %} 

and update accordingly. 

For example, changing 80 to 75, will mean that the Only a few left is noted when inventory is at 25% of your Inventory Amount. 

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