Creating an Event

REACH allows you to create any number of events with flexible ticketing options and custom forms allowing you to capture all desired data from your event attendees.

In the video below, we will demonstrate how to create an Event. For our example, we will create a Golf Outing Fundraiser, upload a profile image, add a description and then add ticket prices for 4 different price options: Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum. We will then show you the public view of your new Event and what a registrant will see when registering for the event.

Note: We did not add Custom Form Fields, but instructions on how to do so are listed below. Registrants will be asked to fill out these fields (the ones you mark required will be required) prior to completing the checkout process.

To create an Event:

  • Click on +New Event
  • Add your Event details: Title, choose to Disable, choose if All Day, set starting and ending dates and times, upload an image, add a GL Code, add any other Media, add a Description.
  • Click on Create Event

Ticket Options:

  • Click +Add Ticket to add a new ticket
  • Choose Ticket optionsNote:
    • Sale start and end time – when registration will be available and active
    • Note: When an end date is set for ticket sales, the end time is midnight of that date. 
    • Min/max ticket orders – if a min number is set, that number will show in the dropdown box, otherwise the initial number shown is 0; max number set will only allow a registrant to purchase the max allowed
    • Ticket type- see below
  • Click +Add Ticket again to add multiple tickets
  • Reorder your Tickets as desired by dragging them up or down.

Notes about Ticket Types:

A Payment Plan is set to recur monthly. For example, if a trip is $5,000, you can set up a Payment Plan with a recurring payment of $2,500 that recurs twice. The total will be $5,000. The first $2,500 will be charged when a supporter registers, the second $2,500 will be charged a month later.

For a Deposit, the full ticket amount can be shown, such as $5,000 with a deposit required of a set amount, for example, $250.

The system will not notify someone when a payment is due. If it is set up as a payment plan, the payment(s) would recur. If it is set up as a Deposit, an Admin can email from the system. 

Custom Form Fields:

This tab allows you to add any amount of data you’d like to capture from your supporters when they are registering to attend your event or purchasing a ticket to your event. Common examples are First/Last Name, Email, Phone Number, Amount of Members in a Group, Dinner/Meal Options, Signature, T-Shirt Size, Notes. Your options here are endless.

  • Click on Add Field to add a custom field.
  • Give it a Title and Select the Data Type
  • Check if Required
  • Reorder your custom form fields by dragging them up or down.
  • Click Create Event

Note: Event Custom Form Fields are only available for viewing and editing within the Event, not in the Custom Form Fields module.

Adding Registrations from the Admin Console:

If you need to add a registration for a supporter, you can do so from the Admin Console.

  • From the Event details page, click the Actions button and select New Registration
  • Enter the registration information for the supporter (i.e. guest names, number of tickets, T-shirt sizes, etc.)
  • Click Submit
  • On the next page, check your information and click Create
  • If this is a paid/ticketed registration, you will then be asked to enter payment/donation details in the following form, just as you would with regular donations
  • Click Create

Registration information can be edited from the Event details page, by clicking the Edit button next to the Registration name.


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