Adding Event Registrations 

This article explains how to add Event Registrations as an Admin and a supporter.

Adding Registrations (Admin-Side) 

If you need to add a registration for a supporter, you can do so from the Admin Console.

  • Go to Events, locate the Event you wish to add a registration for and click on the Title of the Event
  • Click on Actions > + New Registration
  • If any Custom Form Fields have been created, these will appear first.
    • Shirt Size is the Custom Form Field in the below example
  • Select the quantity next to the Ticket Options shown
  • Click Submit
  • After you click Submit, on the New Donation page, type in your Supporter’s name, if they are a current Supporter, this will auto-fill, check the date, payment type, and all other additional information. 
  • If the ticket includes Additional Attendees, select the supporter name for each, or click + New Supporter.
    • In this example, we are using the $160 Table for 8 ticket option. The registrant counts as one attendee and then there are fields to add the other 7 attendee information on the form.
  • Click Create.
  • If this registration requires payment, you will then be asked to enter or select payment/donation detailsif it is an Online payment type
  • Click Submit

Adding Registrations as a Supporter (Public-Side)

From the public Event page, supporters will need to click Register to complete the registration or purchase a ticket. 

Registration buttons are located under Ticket Options and then again at the bottom of the Event’s page. 

After clicking Register: 

  • If any Custom Form Fields have been included to collect information, this will be the first registration page, with any Help Text you have provided for additional information or instructions.
  • They will click Next to select tickets
  • From here, they will Select Tickets and quantities from the Ticket Options provided. Once a Ticket option is selected, the Tickets area will populate with the Ticket chosen, Quantity, Amount and Total
  • Click Register
  • Review their Cart, click Checkout
    • Note: If this is a Free event, the supporter will be taken to a Registration page to complete their contact information. First Name, Last Name, and Email are required to complete registration. 
  • If Payment Information is required, the supporter can Sign In to their account or enter in their Payment Details. 
  • Click Continue or Submit


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