Events Overview

REACH includes a built-in Event management system to help you plan and manage your volunteer event, formal gala, 5k race or any other event you need.

Events also tie directly into your Supporter’s records by creating a Donation listing from a ticket purchase.

The main Events page will list all of your Events, showing their Title, Date and time and number of Registrations. From here, you can Search for a specific event, edit or delete an event, share an event on your social networks, or create an email to event participants.

Click on View Calendar to see your events displayed on a monthly calendar.

Create Custom Fields to add any amount of data you’d like to capture from your registrations.

By clicking on an event, you can track registrations and tickets sold, and export a registration report to Excel.

On your public REACH page, Events are displayed under About Us > Events by default. Read our Menus article for information on how to reorganize your menu.

Shown below is a public view of a simple Event we created as an example for a Golf Outing Fundraiser that includes 4 ticket options. In our Creating an Event article, you can view a video of how to create this event.


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