QuickBooks Export File

We created a QuickBooks export from the Donation Details Report in REACH so you can have a transaction level QBO file which can then be imported into QuickBooks. 

The QuickBooks Export File will only be available once you have donation history present. Once donations are entered in REACH, run a Donation Details Report. When the report is ready, you will see two blue buttons with the option to “Export To QuickBooks” (QBO or IIF). This export you can then drag and drop or import into your QuickBooks Account. 

The file provides the following information as defined in REACH for each transaction in the report’s date range:

  • Type: XFER
  • Date: The date of the donation
  • Amount: The amount of the donation
  • Name: The name of the supporter
  • Memo: The purpose of the donation

The Quickbooks File Export also includes in the transaction description any GL Codes you have set up in REACH. You can set up GL Codes to match the information in your QuickBooks account. The GL Codes are also sent to your Payment Gateway–the information is included in the transaction details. 

Please see this support article for information on how to set up your GL Codes in REACH.

For more instruction on how to use the QuickBooks transaction files from REACH, please consult with Quickbooks or Quickbooks Onine:

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