Refunding Donations

There are two ways a credit card donation can be refunded in REACH:

Select ‘Refund’ to initiate a refund transaction:

If you process the refund from your Admin Console in REACH, REACH will send a transaction notice to your payment gateway to make the refund and will then list the donation as refunded.

To initiate the refund in REACH: Click the Actions button for the donation > select Refund

Select ‘Manual Refund’ to remove the record in REACH only:

If a refund takes place within your payment gateway, you will need to complete a Manual Refund in REACH to reflect the refunded donation. The Manual Refund option will mark the donation as refunded without REACH contacting your payment gateway.

Here’s how to complete a manual refund of a donation:

  • Go to Donations and search for the donation you wish to refund
  • Click on the Donation to bring up the Donation Details page
  • Click Actions > Manual Refund button
  • A window will pop up reminding you to notify your payment gateway that you have refunded the donation, click Ok.
    **You will not need to do this if the refund has already taken place within your payment gateway.

Please note: The timeline for refunds made for ACH/EFT payments vary based on your payment gateway and how the supporter’s bank processes refunds.


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