Zapier: REACH + Constant Contact

Use Zapier to connect REACH and Constant Contact. Build your Zaps, automate your workflows and ensure your data is synced between your apps.

Zaps, triggers and actions: Zaps are workflows that connect your apps to automate repetitive tasks. A trigger is an event that starts a Zap, and an action is an event a Zap performs.

Here are some example Zaps you can see how you can create automations between REACH and Constant Contact.

Note: This are meant to be examples. Triggers and Resulting Actions can change at any time.

To learn how to build your Zaps, please visit our Zapier Integration article.

REACH Triggers > Resulting Constant Contact Actions

As an example, when a New Supporter is created in REACH, you can create a Zap to automatically Create a Contact in Constant Contact.

REACH TriggersDescriptionResulting Constant Contact Action
New SupporterTriggers when a new supporter is created.Create Contact

Constant Contact Triggers > Resulting REACH Actions

When a New Contact is created in Constant Contact, you can create a Zap to automatically Create a Supporter in REACH.

Constant Contact TriggersDescriptionResulting Action in REACH
New ContactTriggers when a new contact is added to your account.Create Supporter

Please keep in mind that Zapier is a third-party service. If you have questions regarding setting up Zaps or Zapier support, please check Zapier’s Help Center.

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