Twelve21 Global recently launched their “30in30 Sponsoring Hope” sponsorship drive to encourage sponsorship of students in their two schools in Tanzania, East Africa. Their goal is to see 30 new students sponsored in 30 days throughout the month of April.

Let’s take a look at their sponsorship drive, learn how they plan to accomplish this and some best practices.

How It Works

On each day in April, Twelve21 highlights two students in need of sponsorship on their social media feeds.

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Each post includes a photo of the student with their name and current grade. The description briefly details the student’s personal history, what they enjoy doing and what they hope to become one day.

Followers can click on the link provided on the post or in their bio to be taken to their REACH sponsorship page. From there, potential sponsors can search by name to find and sponsor the highlighted student.

Why Host A Sponsorship Drive?

Hosting a sponsorship drive is a very reasonable expenditure. If you already have a REACH account set up, it’s a matter of planning, creating the graphics and messaging to use and then announcing and promoting the sponsorship drive on your media channels.

Setting a goal in which progress can be encouraged and followed by a certain date adds urgency. Engaging content about the importance of sponsorship provides influence.

Twelve21 Global’s founder, Yusuph Emmanuel, who draws from his own experience as a street kid in Tanzania, reposts the messages. He also encourages followers to tag friends and challenge them to join in.

“Would you join us in two ways: Consider sponsoring and say the most important words our children long to hear, “I Choose You. I Love You.” Second, would you spread the word by tagging three friends and challenge them today!”

-Yusuph Emmanuel, Founder of Twelve21 Global

Our Final Thoughts

It’s evident that Twelve21 was strategic in putting the sponsorship drive together through their strong imagery and consistent messaging.

Their sponsorship photos are high quality with basic, standout text. The inclusion of the student’s personal details, hobbies and desires adds a personal touch that helps to encourage sponsorship.

Great job, Twelve21 Global! We look forward to seeing all of your students sponsored!

About Twelve21 Global

Twelve 21 Global serves the spiritual, educational and healthcare needs of the most remote areas in Tanzania. Once they have researched, prayed for and decided on a community, they establish local partnerships and work together to serve the community.

For their child sponsorship program, they identify an area that has limited to no access to education. Through generous donations, they build a school, hire and train highly qualified National teachers, fluent in both English and the native language. Then, with the help of local leaders, they identify 80 students to begin attending the school.

Each school is run by generous donations through their sponsorship program.

A $38/month sponsorship provides access to quality education through standard 7 primary, medical care, nourishing food, uniforms, school supplies and mentoring.

It also provides them with the knowledge that someone loves them and wants them to succeed and an opportunity to hear the gospel and be discipled.

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