We are dedicated to making regular updates to REACH. New features and updates are released, typically monthly, throughout the year.

Many of these updates are a direct result of your responses on our Feedback Forum. Thanks for your feedback as we continue to make improvements and enhancements to REACH to better serve you – our valued partners.

Here are the Top 15 New Features from 2019:

Sponsor-Only Custom Fields

You can now mark a custom field to be shown to sponsors only. After doing so, the custom field can only be viewed when a sponsor logs into their account and views their sponsorship(s). It will not be viewable to the public.

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Recording an Offline Direct Deposit

There is now an Offline Direct Deposit payment category so you can record recurring donations which were set up by the supporter with their bank. This payment type is available as a drop-down option when entering in a new donation.

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Custom Payment Types

You can now create custom payment types for single offline donations. This can be used to record bank or secondary payment gateway donations that have occurred.

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Include Pledges in Campaigns

You can now include Pledges on your Campaign pages. To do so, you will need to update your active theme.

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Blocked Emails

Learn how REACH will notify you if your admin or a supporter email address has been blocked.

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Recurring Donation Email Template

You can now edit the email template that is used when a failed recurring donation occurs. Previously, this email was part of the catch-all Default Supporter email template but now it can be edited separately.

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Batch Donation Email Template

You can now create and generate a Batch Donation email template so a single email is sent for all donations entered. You can also enter in notes (supporter viewable and admin-only) via a pop-up screen directly from the batch donation entry screen.

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Theme Versioning

We have now added versioning to our Themes section so you have a history of any changes you have made to your Themes. When updating a Theme, you can now view previous themes to compare versions or to revert if needed.

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Customize Donation Page

You can now customize your Donation Form. Add, remove or modify the fields and elements available and the order in which they’re shown on your Donation Form.

You can also add a header and footer field to display any desired text, such as a thank you message, legal, privacy or 501c3 text.

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Customize Redirect 404 Page

You can now customize your redirect page – the 404 error page shown due to a wrong link, missing page or if a sponsorship has been marked hidden, graduated, or disabled.

You can add any text you want to this page and include a randomized list of available sponsorships.

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New Sponsorship Albums

Do you have new photos of your sponsorships? Get them added to REACH using our new Sponsorship Album Import feature.

This new feature is intended for our organizations that have multiple images of their sponsorships and plan to regularly update and add to their sponsorship images.

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Custom Donation Link Builder

We have created a new Donation Form Builder to simplify how you generate your custom, pre-designated donation links.

This builder allows you to specify any range of pre-designated options including donation purpose, donation amount and recurring period. Once specified, you can then generate a custom link to use on your website, email updates or in your social posts.

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Sponsorship Birthday Filters

We have added birthday filters in our Sponsors and Sponsorships Reports.

This allows you to search for your sponsorship or supporters’ date or month of birth. Your filtered results can then be used to create birthday flyers or generate emails, for example.

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Mark as Primary Admin

Admins can now designate themselves as a Primary Contact. When REACH needs to contact your organization directly, admins designated as primary contacts will be contacted. Multiple admins can be designated as primary.

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Admin Password Reset

Admins that have access to Admin Users (can manage administrators and permissions) can now update the password for other admins. This is useful should an admin forget their login and password credentials.

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