At their 6th Annual Sweetheart Ball, Healing Haiti received 45% of their total donations using our Text to Give!

How it worked

Healing Haiti asked the 900 supporters in attendance to text “GIVE,” their designated keyword, to the number they chose and set up using REACH. They promoted Text to Give on their projection screens and from the podium at their event.

The Results

Several in attendance texted in their donations – accounting for 45% of the total donations received that evening. With such success, Healing Haiti plans to use Text to Give as their primary means of fundraising at next year’s event.

Lessons Learned

When asked what they would change, they said they would plan ahead more next year and include the Text to Give information on their printed materials. Also, there were some cell phone service issues as the event was hosted under a metal roof. They are confident that if that were not the case, an even larger percentage would have been donated through Text to Give.

As many in attendance were current supporters, their payment information and phone number were already stored in REACH – saving them time and making the Text to Give process even easier. Others simply had to fill out the one-time form to submit their contact and payment information. Since their information is now stored, they will only need to confirm that the last four digits on their credit card and the donation amount are correct when texting in a donation in the future.