Hope for Children Ministries supports those orphaned by the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Now they are vulnerable adults, living in poverty and having families of their own. These parents work hard but lack the life skills and example to raise their children well. The ministry works to provide basic needs, through sponsorship, for these families and their community in the short-term, with a goal of long-term self-sufficiency.


With the help of REACH, Hope for Children Ministries runs a child sponsorship program of over 100 children and growing.

A $40/month sponsorship covers basic needs such as food, clothes, shoes and school supplies as well as helping to pay for school fees, provide uniforms, meals, offer medical insurance and provide hygiene supplies. Many of the sponsorship listings include the personal effect the genocide had on the child’s family. They regularly post updates to each child’s sponsorship page detailing what and how the child is doing and if they have any current needs.

Fundraising Campaigns

Using REACH, the organization also runs fundraising campaigns to support their various initiatives. Currently, they are raising funds to provide a computer lab consisting of 20 laptops, tables, chairs and projectors. While daily needs are a major concern, the ministry recognizes the importance of ensuring the children are ready for the world ahead. Their objective is to create adults who will find their place and feel ready and capable in a technologically advancing society, regardless of the poverty and circumstances they were born into.

Other campaigns include one to cover medical insurance for a full year and one to supply vegetable seeds so families can plant and grow their own vegetable gardens. A small donation of $5 is enough to supply two kids and their family with at least 6 different kinds of vegetables, ensuring a continued food supply to support the family.

Programs Offered

Hope for Children Ministries also offers various after-school activities such as Rwandan dance and song, football, sewing, bible lessons and discipleship. Parents of the children are taught parenting and life skills, agriculture, discipleship training, sewing and traditional crafts.

Mission teams arrive at least twice a year to work with the children and parents, teaching them basic parenting and family life skills, hygiene, how and why to say “NO” to drugs, and then of course lovingly encouraging the children during their visit.


When asked why they chose REACH, Julie Klosiewski, president of Hope for Children Ministries, said a large part of her decision was due to REACH’s pricing structure.

“For a young, cost-conscious organization, REACH was appealing as it enabled us to start out on a lower plan to get their program up and running. My hope is to upgrade to the Essentials plan as our sponsorship program and organization grows and funding increases.”

She’s been very happy with REACH and would recommend REACH to other organizations. She’s especially appreciated personal responses to her questions and patient guidance as her organization has embarked on a new journey of child sponsorship.

To learn more about Hope for Children Ministries, visit http://hopeforchildrenministries.com/.