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Granular Admin Permissions

August 9th, 2023|Tags: |

We have expanded our Admin Permissions to provide additional granular access options in the areas of Donations, Supporter Payment Methods, Communications and Tasks.

Admin Permissions, a security feature available to Essentials, Pro and Pro Plus levels, allows you to assign admins with varying levels of access within REACH.

Take a look at your additional options by reviewing the Admin Permissions in your Admin Users accounts.

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Increase Sponsorship Cost

July 20th, 2022|Tags: |

REACH now allows organizations to bulk update the cost per share of all current sponsorships, by sponsorship type, in their program as needed. For example, an organization can increase

UTM Tracking

June 21st, 2022|Tags: |

REACH allows organizations to track the source of their donations, new supporters and sponsors by using UTM parameters. UTM parameters can help your nonprofit know exactly which marketing strategy

Supporter Notifications

June 10th, 2022|Tags: |

You can now create custom emails and drip campaigns that are automatically sent to your supporters after certain events take place in REACH. Supporter notifications can be set up


May 15th, 2022|Tags: |

You can now add Tags to various records within REACH. You can assign an Admin to a Supporter record, assign a priority to a Sponsorship or a status to

Adding Supporters to Groups

April 21st, 2022|Tags: |

We’ve made it easier to quickly add your supporters to Groups directly from your Reports. Generate a report, filtering your supporters as desired. Then, select any number of supporters

Supporters Report (New!)

April 19th, 2022|Tags: |

We’ve created a new report to help you better delve into your supporter’s information and engagement with your organization. Use it to answer questions like: - Which supporters have never

Multiple Payment Methods

February 15th, 2022|Tags: |

Supporters can now store multiple payment methods in their account. This could include any number of credit cards, banking accounts and saving accounts -  depending upon your payment gateway.

Referral Program

January 20th, 2022|Tags: |

Give $99, Get $99 Do you know of an organization that could also benefit from using REACH? Our Referral Program gives our current partners a way to share REACH

How To Video: Contribution Statements

January 11th, 2022|Tags: |

It's that time of year! Learn how to customize and send your contribution statements to your supporters. Note: We recommend resolving any duplicates records prior to generating the report. Once prepared, you can choose to email supporters