Anchor Ridge runs a sponsorship program with 95 children and growing. A $30 monthly donation ensures each sponsored child receives food, clothing, toiletry items and other needs on an on-going basis.
Anchor Ridge was started in 2011 with a storage unit full of stuff and a heart to want to help people. Several visits and mission trips to the Appalachian mountains brought witness to their dire need of help to break the cycle of poverty.
Now, Anchor Ridge receives 18 wheelers from two of the largest organizations in the world and continues to expand their sponsorship program.

The Challenge

The Appalachian Mountains is one of the poorest places in the United States. With coal mines closed, the unemployment rate is nearly 60% and the educational level is at an all time low. About 17% of homes are considered by the US government as ‘substandard’ – meaning there are more people living there than rooms and the home has no indoor plumbing.
Without employment and dependent upon food stamps and government assistance, the families need monthly help and support to provide for their basic needs. Anchor Ridge strives to bring in enough funds to provide growth opportunities and monthly support for these families and children.

How REACH helps

“We’ve seen an increased number of people finding our ministry since using the REACH platform which has been a major and unexpected benefit,” said Josh Paul, Anchor Ridge Ministry President. “REACH has helped us better organize our program. It has been self-intuitive for us to implement and use – we’ve been able to figure it out and run with it mostly on our own. Our donors can scroll through, read about the children and then choose a child to sponsor and are then automatically charged monthly for their sponsorship.”


Anchor Ridge has been successful at listing children and having donors sponsor children.
For each sponsorship, they include age, grade, favorite color, favorite superhero and a detail section that often includes their general living area in the Appalachian mountains and what the child wants to be when they grow up.

“As we continually find new families in need of our assistance, REACH makes it so easy for us to go in and add new children into our sponsorship program,” Josh added.

On their website, they list why sponsorship is important and why they do what they do. Examples include how a warm meal is a rare luxury, how nutritional groceries and snacks for the whole family matter and how in towns where there are little to no jobs and every penny matters – one toy, even if just at Christmas time, is a big gift and blessing for these children.
We also love how they list creative ways to give back – encouraging their donors to think outside the box. One example is using leftover pallets from their warehouse to craft projects to sell and then donating the proceeds to their ministry.
We’re proud to partner with Anchor Ridge. To learn more about their ministry, visit: