Our partner, Sozo Children, started offering rescue sponsorships as an immediate way to provide for the most vulnerable in their Ugandan community.

Rescue Sponsorships

What is a Rescue Sponsorship?

Due to their good standing with their local government, Sozo is frequently asked to take in vulnerable children on a temporary – and often emergency – basis.  These children may have been separated from their parents or are in immediate need of safer living conditions. 

Sozo set up five sponsorships within REACH, each designated as Rescue Sponsorships. Rescue sponsorships include 12 shares, each set up as a $35 recurring monthly donation. 

Donors can sponsor one or multiple shares.

How does Sozo help rescued children?

Sozo will provide these rescued children with the same care as the other children in their sponsorship program, providing them with medical care, nutrition/food, education and discipleship. 

These children could stay with Sozo for only a few months before being relocated to a more permanent living situation, be returned to their homes or join Sozo full time.

Rescue and Privacy Concerns

Since many of these rescued children come from the most dire of situations, sponsors will likely not be told the child’s name or story.

“BUT they can know with absolute assurance that they made an eternal mark on the children’s lives by their ongoing monthly support,” added Sozo.

About Sozo Children

Sozo, is a Greek word that means to save, to keep safe, and to rescue from harm

Started in 2010, Sozo was born out of an immediate need to care for 17 children from suffering circumstances in Uganda. Ten days later with the support of the Ugandan government, a family-style home was created for these children including Ugandan mothers and fathers with a vision for discipleship. 

Sozo Children currently provides care for over 120 children in Uganda. They provide a safe and nurturing Christian environment for these children and work to build meaningful relationships with vulnerable Ugandan communities. 

Final Thoughts

We love this implementation of sponsorship in REACH. 

It provides a recurring donation helping to ensure that the organization will have the funds to provide immediate care for the children rescued. 

Great job, Sozo!

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