Our partner, Children of Promise, recently launched a Rethink Sponsorship campaign with four main components: sponsorship, a gap fund, prayer magnets and merchandise sales.

Using REACH, all giving for their campaign can be done online. Supporters can sponsor a child, donate to the Gap fund, start a campaign to dedicate their birthday, graduation, anniversary or anything else and purchase prayer magnets or t-shirts. 

Let’s review each aspect of their campaign. Our hope is that you can find ways to also implement some of these ideas for your organization.

Sponsorship Program

Children of Promise’s goal is to see 100 new children sponsored within the first two weeks of their campaign.

The nonprofit started using REACH in mid-February of this year (February 2021). They are on our Pro Plus plan and already have 12,690 sponsorships included on REACH in nearly 30 different countries. 

Children of Promise’s sponsorship program uses a holistic model, recognizing the importance to care for the whole child. They were officially established “to be an extension of the local congregation in the village or city… rather than between an organization and a child.” 

They seek to impact a child’s life over an extended period of time, identifying four core needs as the focus of partnership: Christian nurture, nutrition, education and medical care. 

In June 1992, they started ministry partnerships in six locations and now have over 4,500 children in 30 countries!

The Gap Fund

The second component of their Rethink Sponsorship campaign is their Gap Fund

The Gap Fund is a fundraising campaign with a goal of raising $50,000 so that donors can “stand in the sponsorship gap.” 

Donations made to the Gap Fund will be used to help children in their program who are awaiting a sponsor, lost their sponsor or have dreams beyond high school graduation, as sponsorship in the program continues until a child completes secondary school.

Merchandise Sales

The third and fourth components of their Rethink Sponsorship Campaign are Prayer Magnets and Merch Sales, using REACH’s Products feature.

Supporters can purchase a #prayforwholeness magnet for $10 to hang on their refrigerator as a reminder to pray for wholeness around the world. Proceeds from the magnets will go towards The Gap Fund. 

Supporters can also purchase a $15 “Make Wholeness” t-shirt or a $20 “Rethink Sponsorship” t-shirt directly from their website. 

Our Products sections makes it simple to sell any variety of goods to your donors. The organization set shipping at $1.50 per t-shirt and based on a suggestion from them, we are working on enabling an option to have a flat rate shipping cost available, regardless of the number of items offered. Thanks for your suggestion!

Matching Gifts & Social Media

A generous supporter agreed to match every dollar donated up to $25,000 from April 11 – 25th. They are highly promoting this incentive on their social media and other communication channels.

The organization is frequently posting on Instagram and Facebook about their campaign using a variety of high quality content – posts, videos and stories.

They share what they call “Rethinker Stories,” highlighting personal stories about children in their program or who have graduated from their program and are currently benefiting from their Gap Fund.

They highlight partners in their Leadership Development programs, sharing how they are acting as a tool to empower the next generation of leaders to become program directors and volunteers to impact their own communities

Children of Promise also details what their sponsorship program does, sharing how they make healthcare possible for those who could not otherwise afford routine or emergency healthcare.

Keeping it Fun

The organization also created a fun competition to further encourage and engage churches in their campaign. 

In their promotional video, they teased the competition in the beginning of the video, having viewers wait until the end to hear more (genius way to ensure viewers watch an entire video!)

Basically, the church who sponsors the most children will be given a Rethink Sponsorship trophy and will have the chance to defend their championship and keep their trophy next year. 

Children of Promise offers a digital toolkit to these churches who partner with them, providing videos, graphics and teaching points for them to share with their members.

Final Thoughts

What a great, comprehensive campaign! We love the variety of donation and involvement options and the consistent communication regarding the campaign. 

We especially love the idea of a gap fund. If this is something your organization is not currently making available, we highly recommend it. Whereas a general fund can similarly be used to cover this expense, a Gap Fund is more direct in conveying the message of filling in for those instances where children are not sponsored or a sponsor has had to discontinue sponsorship for a personal reason. We know this has been an unfortunate and all-too-common occurrence during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Having a donor willing to match such a large amount is a huge bonus! Close connection and consistent contact with your donors are key ways to encourage donor involvement and generous gifts. Our Index Score and Top Donor Reports are great ways for our partner organizations to routinely monitor and connect with donors who are making a large impact financially. 

The social media engagement and variety is impressive! What a great way to not only share the campaign but also use it as a teaching tool to ensure followers and supporters know specifics of what your organization is doing. 

We also love the prayer magnets, t-shirts and the friendly, fun competition! 

Way to go, Children of Promise! We wish you much success in your campaign and thank you for your willingness to let us share your ideas with fellow REACH partners!

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